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Accelerated Possession – You Blinked?


Re-possession of residential property has just got a whole lot faster with our new, fixed fee Accelerated Possession service.

Thats it.

You blinked?

You missed it.

‘It’s an App, App, ‘Appy Day!’

The Law is an App.

At least, trade mark law now is…

Three days ago, we launched our first mobile application for iPhone and Blackberry:  NameSearch TM Legal.


If you are reading this on an iPhone or BB, you can download the App free from the above link.

You can also read the review in the AppStore.

namesearch for iPhoneNameSearch TM Legal helps you protect your trade marks, business names, product names, logos and brands and is designed as a resource tool for brand consultants, creative agencies, designers, NPD specialists, marketing executives and entrepreneurs.

The Politics of Binge Drinking

beerpumpsThe Labour Government promised that the Licensing Act 2003 would foster a ‘continental-style’ cafe culture and bring an end to binge drinking.

Has it actually worked?

Er……not yet!

Police chiefs think that the changes have simply moved alcohol-related disorder into the early hours of the morning and have increased or, at least, failed to change, levels of drink-fuelled incidents.

Business Legal Security: 50 Point Check-list


This is a non-exhaustive 50 point checklist designed to help you avoid some very common legal pitfalls and maximise the legal security of your business.

  1. Make sure that legal ownership assets used in the business are actually owned by the business.
  2. Get written copyright assignments from designers, authors, software and web developers and appropriate warranties of originality.
  3. Check the terms and conditions of third party suppliers of services to ensure you legally own any deliverables they create.
  4. Do not rely on a terminable licence for key business assets; take an assignment or a perpetual royalty-free licence.