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Silverman Sherliker Launch ‘Red Snow Day’ Cull Appeal

"I wish I was a lawyer in a Big City firm...."

"I wish I was a lawyer in a Big City firm...."

The expression ‘Christmas clubbing’ has taken on a sinister new meaning this week as it has been revealed that several of the Big City law firms have outsourced their now annual cull of PUPs (Partners who Under-Perform) to mercenary gangs of Canadian seal clubbers from the Gulf of St Lawrence as a further cost-saving measure.

The opportunistic gangs are being paid handsomely for spiking literally scores of surprised and defenceless PUPs at their desks as they stare wide-eyed into their Inboxes.


Those that do not get clubbed are being noosed in a particularly dark technique known as ‘de-equitising’.

Is ‘Mock Murder’ in School Legal? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

gun2Last week, the staff at Blackminster School, Evesham contrived to stage an impromptu hoax killing in a playground full of 10 to 13 year olds.

For some unfathomable reason they thought it would be a formative experience for them.

Without any warning, the poor lambs were obliged to witness a hooded figure run up to Mr Kent, their beloved religious knowledge teacher and gun him down in cold blood before running off.

Mr Kent apparently met his maker most convincingly.

‘Social Media for Lawyers:Twitter Edition’ Please RT

Adrian Dayton’s timely book on Twitter for the Legal Profession:   Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition  is a ‘must-read’ for all law  firms.

Indeed, it should be studied avidly, not only by lawyers, but also by any professional service firm that wants to grow its business fast using Web 2.0 techniques.

As a successful New York attorney turned social media guru, Dayton deals with his subject comprehensively and with an easy authority.

He begins by dismissing, with an unanswerable charm, the main excuses that the legal profession commonly gives for avoiding Twitter. Indeed, in a world where the High Court in London has recently authorised the service of formal legal proceedings by Twitter, it is difficult to understand how anyone can now fail to see the relevance of Twitter to the legal profession.

Twervice by Tweet….and the Sub Judice Rule

Twitter_256x256The High Court in London willingly concludes that UK legal proceedings can validly be served….by Tweet!

Already dubbed the Blaney Blarney Order, a UK Court held yesterday that an injunction restraining a Twitter imposter posing as an established Twitter blogger and right-wing political commentator could be served on the impostor using Twitter. Seasoned Tweeters like @London_Law_Firm will just shrug and say “So? …Why not! Perfectly sensible”.

After all, legal proceedings may be served by email and by fax.

It is amusing that a social web medium with such an inconsequential name as ‘Twitter’ should so quickly become a recognised part of the social and legal fabric of society and enshirined as such By Order of the Court!