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Fired? You Must be Furious!

compromise-agreements-feeligsAs of Monday, injured feelings will cost UK employers a lot more!

Employees who are unfairly dismissed, particularly in discrimination cases, often get an ‘injury to feelings’ award.

The case establishing the principle was the well-known 2005 case of Vento -v- Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police.

There has been considerable debate since 2005 as to whether an ‘injury to feeling’ award should be index-linked to allow for inflation. Employment Lawyers have assumed they should be and their views have been confirmed in the Employment Appeal Tribunal case of Da’Bell -v- NSPCC which has just been decided in past 2 days.

The compensation bands for ‘injury to feelings’ award are now :

  • lower band:     £ 6,000
  • middle band:  £ 18,000
  • upper band:    £ 30,000

So employers should be very careful not to upset anyone.

Conversely, if you do get fired…..make sure you are really upset about it!

This developmentshas significant ramifications, not just for those currently fighting tribunal claims but also for those who are advising on compromise agreements where an element of compensation is being ascribed to injury to feelings.

Clearly there is now a lot more to fight for!

As this judgment has been handed down, it has immediate effect despite the transcript not yet being available.

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