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Silverman Sherliker Launch ‘Red Snow Day’ Cull Appeal

"I wish I was a lawyer in a Big City firm...."

"I wish I was a lawyer in a Big City firm...."

The expression ‘Christmas clubbing’ has taken on a sinister new meaning this week as it has been revealed that several of the Big City law firms have outsourced their now annual cull of PUPs (Partners who Under-Perform) to mercenary gangs of Canadian seal clubbers from the Gulf of St Lawrence as a further cost-saving measure.

The opportunistic gangs are being paid handsomely for spiking literally scores of surprised and defenceless PUPs at their desks as they stare wide-eyed into their Inboxes.


Those that do not get clubbed are being noosed in a particularly dark technique known as ‘de-equitising’.

“Although it looks brutal, it is really quite quick and humane”, said one grateful survivor.

…but to cast aside and kill such noble and worthy creatures in this cynical way in the name of ‘profits per partner’ is surely short-termism gone mad.

So to draw attention to this shameful and pernicious practice and to provide continuity of employment for its unfortunate victims, we have launched the Red Snow Day Appeal to draw attention to their plight and to seek to provide them with the possibility of a home in the New Year.


City lawyers were asked to wear something red-and-white to demonstrate their support for the Appeal and, as only lawyers can do, they really got into the spirit of Christmas by donning festive Father Christmas outfits at their PCs.

AclimbingIronically, these self-same supporters were soon after asked to pack their Santa bags and were obliged to leave the building fast by any available exit in order to avoid the ministrations of the savage Christmas clubber gangs.

So if you know of a PUP who has taken a Christmas clubbing this year please tell them about the Red Snow Day Appeal…

…..and ask them to get in touch with us immediately.

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(PS: Any head-hunters or recruiters responding to the Appeal will be required to donate their entire commission to the Red Snow Day Appeal– after all, it is Christmas.)

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