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Synchronicity, Plum Pudding and the Twitterverse

Yesterday, I was taken by the notion that I should acknowledge my 9000th Twitter follower with a blog-post, whoever he or she …or it …may be.

Serendipitous? Risky? ….Well, yes. After all, it may be a nutter or a liberal, a poker or golf freak or indeed a twitterbot. In all probability it would be.

Nevertheless, the die was cast. The rule was set.

I resolved to blog on follower 9000 whoever he, she or it turned out to be. No tricks. No poetic licence.

It was to be a gesture intended as a thankful celebration of the glorious and provoking arbitrariness of the Twitterverse.

backstoppThe spotlight duly came to rest on @backstopp, of whom more later.

It could have been anybody.


In fact, it very narrowly missed being @GeneHunt of Ashes to Ashes fame  Hunt

(…”Now, that would have been one bastard of a blog-post – Eh! Bolly Knickers?”)

It would not have mattered who it was.

This is not to demean my blog guest, @backstopp. Heaven forfend!

It is simply to acknowledge that, in the Twitterverse, there is a law at play that seems to tolerate the most arbitrary of casual connections without impairing its own inexorable and constructive purpose.

It takes a while to realise that this is going on, but I can attest that it is so.

Indeed, if I was to be deliberately provocative I would say it really doesn’t matter what you tweet about, or with whom, you will soon be left ‘bouche be(acute)e’ by the network of coincidences and connections that will arise and be offered to you as if by some unseen hand. You cannot avoid them. That is why I am equally happy to engage in mad twitter burlesque or host virtual Twitter parties as I am to discuss serious matters legal. I have recognised that there is a law of synchronicity at play….and it is playful, but I believe the Universe as a whole is essentially playful so that does not surprise me much.

synchrjungAnd before I am inundated by a deluge of  ‘Law of Attraction’ tweets from the States, I would point out that it was Carl Gustav Jung who, in 1920, first coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to explain the frequent occurrences of ‘meaningful coincidence’ that he attributed to ‘an acausal connecting principle’.

Jung would have loved Twitter. 

He tells the story of a woman who was recounting to him her dream involving a golden scarab when there was a repeated tapping on his study window that turned out to be a large and very rare scarab beetle that was clearly intent on entering the room. Spooky.

Then there is the case of the French Romantic, Emile Deschamps, who claimed in his memoirs in 1805 that he was once treated to some plum pudding by a stranger, one Monsieur Fontibu. A decade later, Deschamps ordered the plum pudding in a Parisienne restaurant to be told that the last portion had just been served to another customer who turned out to be the same M. Fontgibu. Many years later, Deschamps was served plum pudding and related the previous coincidence, adding that all that was needed now was for Monsieur Fontgibu to appear. At that moment, the elderly Fontgibu entered the room.

This kind of thing happens all the time on Twitter, of course.

It is a truly synchronous playground where, so often, so tirelessly and so appropriately, amazing and potent coincidences are conjured up by the creative principle, seemingly out of the very primeval twitter-froth itself. 

You can go hunting for these connections. The point is that you do not need to. Jump into the twitterstream; let go; have faith and see where it takes you. That is all.

So what of @backstopp?

Well, they have a stupendous technology that every company or organisation whose staff use lap-tops and other mobile data devices should definitely know about. Did you know that over 10,000 lap-tops are left in London taxis every year? If that happened to you, all of your personal data, passcodes, files would suddenly be out there for anyone to exploit. Backstopp by Virtuity enables organisations and individuals to perform a remote deletion of data files on any lost or stolen PC, Laptop, PDA or Mobile phone utilising either the GSM (mobile) network, Internet or RFID. As soon as you realise your device is lost or stolen simply login to the BackStopp web console to securely delete all data on the device using US Department of Defence standards. Once your data is secured a detailed report will show what data was destroyed, the device’s last known location and even a photo of the culprit.
How good is that!

The coincidence is that I was talking about this very technology just a short while back with another good twitter friend of mine Mike Briercliffe ( @mikejulietbravo).


Well, I say it is a coincidence…but on Twitter there is really no such thing.

Anyone fancy a party?

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  1. Weird coincidences occur in real life as well, of course. It is well known when attending A&E departments in hospital never to say “oh, it’s quiet here tonight” to avoid provoking a flood of casualties (or is that just in Casualty?).

    Furthermore, why is it when there’s a particular client that I haven’t heard from for quite a while and I think “I haven’t heard from X for weeks” the phone rings and it is indeed X. Real life imitating Twitter?

    This only seems to work with those clients that I don’t actually want to speak to. It is never the client who owes money on a long outstanding bill phoning to apologise. Funny that …

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