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‘It’s an App, App, ‘Appy Day!’

The Law is an App.

At least, trade mark law now is…

Three days ago, we launched our first mobile application for iPhone and Blackberry:  NameSearch TM Legal.


If you are reading this on an iPhone or BB, you can download the App free from the above link.

You can also read the review in the AppStore.

namesearch for iPhoneNameSearch TM Legal helps you protect your trade marks, business names, product names, logos and brands and is designed as a resource tool for brand consultants, creative agencies, designers, NPD specialists, marketing executives and entrepreneurs.

Business Legal Security: 50 Point Check-list


This is a non-exhaustive 50 point checklist designed to help you avoid some very common legal pitfalls and maximise the legal security of your business.

  1. Make sure that legal ownership assets used in the business are actually owned by the business.
  2. Get written copyright assignments from designers, authors, software and web developers and appropriate warranties of originality.
  3. Check the terms and conditions of third party suppliers of services to ensure you legally own any deliverables they create.
  4. Do not rely on a terminable licence for key business assets; take an assignment or a perpetual royalty-free licence.

Twervice by Tweet….and the Sub Judice Rule

Twitter_256x256The High Court in London willingly concludes that UK legal proceedings can validly be served….by Tweet!

Already dubbed the Blaney Blarney Order, a UK Court held yesterday that an injunction restraining a Twitter imposter posing as an established Twitter blogger and right-wing political commentator could be served on the impostor using Twitter. Seasoned Tweeters like @London_Law_Firm will just shrug and say “So? …Why not! Perfectly sensible”.

After all, legal proceedings may be served by email and by fax.

It is amusing that a social web medium with such an inconsequential name as ‘Twitter’ should so quickly become a recognised part of the social and legal fabric of society and enshirined as such By Order of the Court!

Good Business Legal Advice: Open Questions…Early Review

At Silverman Sherliker, we specialise in giving good, timely, business legal advice. Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of the firm. Our clients like that approach.

Getting good business legal advice is easy but you do need to ask for it and, most importantly, you need to ask for it EARLY. So whether it is a new start-up, a commercial investment or a new collaborative initiative -get yourself over here as early on in your project as you reasonably can.

Legal Advice On Selling A Business

I’ve acted for various clients recently who have sold their businesses and companies, some for many millions of pounds, and I have been astounded by the extremely high levels of risk, often personal risk, that some sellers seem quite content to take on board when they sell.

The terms that some sellers are currently prepared to accept are nothing short of suicidal in some cases.

Some sellers are indeed rushing to sell their businesses like lemmings and are seemingly quite prepared to do so on terms that, quite frankly, verge on the lunatic.