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Contesting a Will – Web-site Design Rules OK

 contesting a will

As an experiment, we recently had our Contested Probate Website – Contesting A Will  re-designed because the quality of the leads we were getting from our site, whilst prolific, left quite a lot to be desired.

Indeed, the old website was flatteringly described by one of our probate team as ‘tacky’.

There is no doubt whatsoever that following the re-launch last week the quality of the leads this site has generated is hugely improved.

There is a school of thought that web-site design does not matter and that your advertising can be the child of  creative chaos and can look like a ‘car crash’ without it affecting your results.

Contesting A Will Becomes Fashionable

Full marks! Dangerous, Invincible and Bad…but at least the King of Pop made a Will  …though it hasn’t stopped mother Katherine Jackson, allegedly egged on by father Joe (totally ignored in the Will ), from mounting a legal challenge and contesting a will that leaves everything to The Michael Jackson Family Trust.

Contesting a Will

She is seeking to wrest control of the USD500 million estate from the executors appointed by the Will, notwithstanding a ‘no contest’ clause in the Will that disinherits any beneficiary who challenges its validity or its terms.

It will no doubt be a thriller and there will be blood on the dance floor at the end of it all.  Ho, Ho.