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Synchronicity, Plum Pudding and the Twitterverse

Yesterday, I was taken by the notion that I should acknowledge my 9000th Twitter follower with a blog-post, whoever he or she …or it …may be.

Serendipitous? Risky? ….Well, yes. After all, it may be a nutter or a liberal, a poker or golf freak or indeed a twitterbot. In all probability it would be.

Nevertheless, the die was cast. The rule was set.

I resolved to blog on follower 9000 whoever he, she or it turned out to be. No tricks. No poetic licence.

It was to be a gesture intended as a thankful celebration of the glorious and provoking arbitrariness of the Twitterverse.

Epic Blawg Review #245 – Charon QC, The Lord of Misrule Speaks Out

The unmistakeable voice of Charon QC, the Lord of Misrule, announces his return in a sizzling Blawg Review 2010 Opener (nay, his 5th)…a veritable oeuvre of seamless wisdom..and 8 Chapters long!
Where does this man get his energy? ……..Smokedo? Surely, not.
We get the kindest mention in Chapter 5 for our own Blawg Review #243 (‘Fighting Back: A Meditation for Lawyers’) …and for being a ‘very good user of Twitter’ …LOL! Savour every twist and turn of Blawg Review #245 until its last valedictory image….you will enjoy. My own New Year’s Resolution is to START smoking again which brought forth this benediction on Twitter from the King of Smokedo himself:
 “Like a Gentleman”   …….I like that.  Happy New Year! 

Blawg Review #243

Welcome to the Blawg Review #243 from a sunny, snow-covered London.

Fighting Back: A Festive Meditation for Lawyers

The Physical Unverse tends towards chaos and dissolution …the Moral Universe towards injustice and despair ….the Legal Universe, for surely such a dimension does exist, towards obfuscation, misdirection and delay.

But there is a contrary principle.


…the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.

So let us declare this contrary principle that it may burn ever brighter and more unquenchable in the minds and hearts of all who practise the Law. 

Twervice by Tweet….and the Sub Judice Rule

Twitter_256x256The High Court in London willingly concludes that UK legal proceedings can validly be served….by Tweet!

Already dubbed the Blaney Blarney Order, a UK Court held yesterday that an injunction restraining a Twitter imposter posing as an established Twitter blogger and right-wing political commentator could be served on the impostor using Twitter. Seasoned Tweeters like @London_Law_Firm will just shrug and say “So? …Why not! Perfectly sensible”.

After all, legal proceedings may be served by email and by fax.

It is amusing that a social web medium with such an inconsequential name as ‘Twitter’ should so quickly become a recognised part of the social and legal fabric of society and enshirined as such By Order of the Court!

Pitcher’s, Pimm’s – Match Point?

pitchers-pimms-1Well?  What is one to think?

“Pitcher’s, Pimms, Passing Off…” –  sounds like a hopscotch chant!

Sainsbury’s takes on major supplier Diageo with what might be considered to be a knock-off copy of its iconic Pimms’ brand and at the height of the thirsty Britsh summer. Same bottle shape, same label silhouette, same label lay-out same ‘san serif’ font, same colour….same ‘get-up’?

Archbishop Passing Off is already robing up behind the drinks counter to enter the unholy fray with his ‘holy trinity’ of Reputation, Confusion and Damage but who will survive the refining fire of this test?

Chris Sherliker’s Twitter Interview

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest of,  an online Twitter Interview that tweets you 22 questions that you tweet back answers to.

We are @London_Law_Firm on Twitter. 

As a huge fan of Twitter, I absolutely loved this innovative use of Twitter, and found the succinctness of the 140 character limitation remarkably refreshing, if somewhat challenging!

Chris Sherliker’s Twitterview in Full…..

@London_Law_Firm thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is @London_Law_Firm?
Hi, Lance! I am the ‘voice’ of our firm on T. Lawyer, Husband, Father, Web Marketer, Dog Owner, Fisherman, Artist. Renaissance Man!