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Twervice by Tweet….and the Sub Judice Rule

Twitter_256x256The High Court in London willingly concludes that UK legal proceedings can validly be served….by Tweet!

Already dubbed the Blaney Blarney Order, a UK Court held yesterday that an injunction restraining a Twitter imposter posing as an established Twitter blogger and right-wing political commentator could be served on the impostor using Twitter. Seasoned Tweeters like @London_Law_Firm will just shrug and say “So? …Why not! Perfectly sensible”.

After all, legal proceedings may be served by email and by fax.

It is amusing that a social web medium with such an inconsequential name as ‘Twitter’ should so quickly become a recognised part of the social and legal fabric of society and enshirined as such By Order of the Court!

If you do ever get served with legal proceedings by Tweet …just think what fun you will be able to have by RT’ing them and inviting comment and support on the Twitterfeed….and will such publicity and public comment prejudice any future hearing in the matter?

Web 2.0 has not quite got its head around the ’sub judice’ rule, its seems.

Was the possibility of ‘Trial by Tweet’ actually considered in this case?

We feel another legal Twecedent is begging to be set!

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